2 month dating anniversary

500,000 Ontarians have been affected by a Canada Post “processing issue.” Over nine million voter cards were sent out by Elections Ontario.

Most of them The company behind the birth control Taytulla is recalling hundreds of thousands of packs of the drug because they were improperly packaged with placebo pills in the spots where active ones should have been.

Most of them The keto diet is everywhere right now, so it’s totally understandable if you’ve started to think that keto = the yellow brick road to all your weight-loss #goalz.

But fitness expert Jillian Michaels says that’s just not true.

For the boyfriend who is constantly on the go, choose an inexpensive gift for the car or work such as a travel coffee mug, car emergency kit or dash cover.

Other practical gifts include pens, leather portfolios or notepads, charging stations and electronic gadgets.

Make your boyfriend a gift from home for an inexpensive yet thoughtful present.

Make a mix CD with the songs you enjoy together, such as the first song you ever danced to.

The study rounded up the most popular features overall and the must-haves are fairly modest.

Homemade photo gifts are appropriate for a two month anniversary as well, and include a photo album or scrapbook with photos from your relationship or a framed photograph of the two of you.

Bake a batch of his favorite cookies or other treats.

Shaun Pennell is the father of that 3-year old boy that was found dead in a hot car last week.

If you have not yet received your voter information card in the mail, you’re not alone.

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Here is the Reactine is formally petitioning the Unicode consortium to create a new emoji for those suffering from allergies.

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