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I love you with every bone and drop of blood in my body. I cherish every single moment we have shared together these past two months. I've been so alive I feel like I've been dead before. Now I know that love exists and you are a total embodiment of it. Sweetheart, I cannot thank you enough for entering the jungle in my life and turning it to Disneyland. It's like my life just began two months ago when we got married. Regrets are for people that are the exact opposite of us, because any relationship that's like ours can't have regrets. Baby, you’re special to me and there’s nobody that could even come close to doing all these things you’ve done for and to me in the past two months. I’ve found a person who can be a parent, a friend, a confidant, a protector and a lover all at the same time. It has taken me just two months to figure all these out about this person. It's beautiful when you find a beauty that you can appreciate and that appreciates your own beauty. My dedication to you is undying and I'm proud of having you by my side. Two months and you've been the best partner I've ever had. I have no regrets knowing or meeting you, my sunshine. However, when you came along, I mean, when you came in, you brought down the firewall and rewrote the program of my life. Two months and still counting, we've been the best of couples, swimming in love and life. Before you worry about how long that would be, I just want us to relax and celebrate our love. This program was generated due to the effect of life experiences in my world prior to your emergence two months ago. Happy two months it has been since you said yes to me. With you, the world feels like a speck of dust to me. With you, I have no fear for tomorrow because I know that whatever happens, you’re going to be in it. Every empty part of me that grew deeper due to the harsh nature of the world we find ourselves have been filled totally with your never-ending oil of joy. I’ve found a friend that sticks closer than a blood relative, with whom I want to spend every second of the rest of my life with. Being a part of me for two months have been the best thing to happen to me in my life so far. Love is never wasted, but this is to appreciate you for a deliberate attempt to love me for the past two months. For every time I’ve made you smile, you’ve done the same for me twenty times over. It’s amazing how about sixty days with you have made more impact on my life than the thousands of days I spent alone in this world before your arrival. I have had no regrets loving and being loved by you in the past eight weeks.

I have done everything to love you greatly, but I get encouraged to do more by the way you love me. Instead, I want to wish us a happy two-month anniversary celebration and a long-lasting relationship. I am indeed convinced that no human can under any circumstance, measure the value and importance your presence has brought to my life, not even you. With him in this relationship, I know for certain that it’s going to infinite too. I wish my words could suffice to show you how much I love you, but they don’t even come close. Seconds spent with you are worth more than a lifetime spent elsewhere. Happy 2 months anniversary to me and you in this our beautiful relationship filled with love, life and fun. Two months with you and I've learnt a lot about love. It's two months since you met your girl or your guy (girlfriend or boyfriend), or two months since you got married? Skip to: Long Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend or Girlfriend 1. It's just eight weeks and I feel like the happiest man in the world. Today is a perfect time to send some anniversary messages as wishes for the 2 months journey of love. Celebrate the love, joy and bliss encountered in these romantic two months with the samples I offer to you below; for your partner, married or unmarried, you are covered by these amazing collection of 2 Months Relationship Anniversary Messages, Wishes and Quotes. It's 60 days of being in love with you and I'm feeling like I've been in love for a lifetime. Happy two months anniversary to us at such a beautiful time. My love for you burns brighter and stronger as each day passes and so will it burn even beyond the two months we've spent together.

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