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Use a variety of milks, including soy, coconut or lactose free. Chocolate: Melt or temper and hold chocolate and use for a variety of desserts.

Get professional results baking sourdough, gluten free, whole grain or traditional bread.Perfect for a wide variety of cultured and fermented foods. Temperature range: 70 - 120F (21 - 49C); Typical humidity 60-80 percent Closed (outside dim's):18 x 14.5 x 2.75 in; Open (inside dim's):15 x 12.5 x 8 in120V only; 200 watts, 7 lbs.The Brod and Taylor Folding Proofer fits into any home kitchen to help create a warm, consistently humid environment for professional results rising (proofing) your favorite bread recipes.GREAT FOR ANY RECIPE Holds 1.5 pounds of dough with 9 inch (D) x 3.5 inch (H) size, works well with Lahey No Knead, Tartine Country, and Gluten free recipes and capable of proofing overnight in the fridge with a tightly covered bag RATTAN CANE MATERIAL Proven to wicker moisture away from surface for crispy round crust, dough removes & releases nicely, sticks less & dust less flour WELL MADE & STURDY Ridges/depth produces spiral ring patterns & thousands of European style loafs for life VERY AFFORDABLE This Baker Tool will score you more boules of this lovely quality for/with friends & family HEALTHY BREAD Complies with German Food Safe so you can make healthier bread professional brotforms master banetons ebook handbook rising supplies warm cloche proofed large inches lame chopper kneading needing baskets loaf bannetons baking oval kitchen bowl bowls scraper cloth cloths liner liners kneeding wood easy one cook baker's bakers breadboxes box boxes bamboo shape prooving proving 10 bresd bisket measuring forms by handmade bagettes baggette baguettes bagette banquette baggettes baugette baquette baggett scraperchopper multi-use knif 1dz cook's block scaper chop scamper chomper chopperknife new simple long essentials essential now originals variety stand original pack over breadboards makes maker holders scalpers lahme mould wecker breadmaking breadpan pan lined scorer scoring slasher slashing lamey breadform caine rinsing couches board time' deep 1pcs nature stickers italian 5pc molds edge stone flexible clay white chef sold only products batter curve shapes last curves remover productos drum doughs polypropylene chefs curved whisker knife benches benchknifes platic in minites borner uniworld doughty bred sample whiskas whisks cooking cutting multicutters multipurpose pick backing banking docking steele bemch benche benched chipper chooper boarder pint handled cuttingboard beech pasta machine bulk canasta nueve pulgadas wholesale liquidation 6 quart wish disk minuets mixter cookware proofoing redondo cestino del pane brotkorb cestas de vime dougn cesta rodada para p o massa ekmek sepeti backform kuchenform backblech kastenform "bread pans straight danish whisk "dough "bowl clothe mixing get consistent bread making results! Proof easier in the 1st/2nd/final rise, and plop dough to a Dutch oven with ease!Wicker moisture from surface for a crispy round crust with its natural antibacterial properties.

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Cultured and Fermented foods: Make your own cultured butter, soft cheese, tempeh, kombucha, kefir and much more.

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