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Since her passing, controversy has surrounded the use and manipulation of her material by artists like Drake and Chris Brown, who have jumped on unreleased Aaliyah tracks to add verses and have copped her voice for their own respective songs.

“This is Aaliyah,” said X, showing his daughter to fans.

Need to address emotional turmoil or a complex situation? Even before there were numerous rape and pedophilia accusations stacked against him, the relationship between the pair was still pretty reasonably disgusting, especially since they were both initially introduced when she was only 12.7.

Just introduce a new character and simply ask her a couple questions. The latter part of Aaliyah's career was kickstarted by her heartache. Kelly physically exits the picture as soon as her parents find out about the nuptials, his presence lingers over Aaliyah's personal life and professional career.

, honoring the singer on the 10-year anniversary of her death. I rented the convertible, Rolls Royce, and I just made the movie, you know?

When asked about his fondest memory of Aaliyah, DMX recalled, “It was one of the awards shows out in L. We had a good time.” Describing Aaliyah as talented and an “angel,” X revealed a special tribute to the singer: the rapper named his youngest daughter Aaliyah.

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