Accomodating strategy

To most effectively resolve a conflict, we should use the strategy that is most appropriate for that particular conflict situation.However, that strategy might not be the strategy that we habitually use.The key to managing conflict well is choosing and executing the strategy that best fits the situation.Conflict Management Strategies There is a menu of strategies we can choose from when in conflict situations: Research on conflict management styles has found that each of us tends to use one or two of the above five strategies more than the others.Managers who are very skilled at conflict management are able to (a) understand interpersonal conflict situations and (b) use the appropriate conflict management strategy for each situation.

Don't abandon conflict; pursue it to resolution "4.

There are many advantages to using a collaborating strategy to handle interpersonal conflict situations.

Collaborating with the other party promotes creative problem solving, and it's a way of fostering mutual respect and rapport.

An African martyr's statement on commitment Mission trip fund raising10 ways to ruin mission trips Nazarene Missions International resource pages Tweet "1. Don't exaggerate conflict; solve it with the least possible publicity and public scrutiny "3.

Don't fence yourself in by conflict; taking two or three witnesses requires that you are also open to reproof and correction "5.

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When tempers flared between one of Williams' teammates and an opponent, Williams ran across the field and began to fight.

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