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Now that he is a grown man, he still craves mommy’s mind control, approval and the special treats that she offers and demands that he accept. mommy does a lot of baking and is always dropping by with a “goodie” that I have made exclusively for her son.

I have a few secret ingredients that I know will bring a smile to my sweet and obedient son’s face too.

I been a tuggin' on it and tuggin' on it but it just won't start! "I've done wore my arm out - I ain't got no more tug left in me! Charlie Wilson got up from his easy chair and walked next door to where Becky Ann was waiting by the old lawnmower. Then we'll put the plug back in and try to start it again.""Okay. wanna come in and I'll get us a glass of sweet tea while we wait? He walked with a cane and had a little trouble getting started, but once on his feet, he got around all right. And Lake Park doesn't have a lot of desk jobs here. It isn't anything like what we had in New York, but the cost of living isn't as high either, so it works out.""Well Charlie, I'm glad you moved down here," she said, kissing him again."Becky, honey... He sank his strong fingers into the tender meat and he squeezed large handfuls of butter-soft ass."Oh, God, Daddy, that feels wonderful!He is not a panty boy and he has no desire to engage in a cock sucking experience.This caller is a submissive guy who gets very turned on by a sexy, demanding woman. She wrapped her arms around his neck and before he could utter a word, she had her mouth firmly planted on his and was kissing him like she hadn't seen him in years. His wife, Cindy, was at work and wouldn't be home for several hours. Charlie could feel his willpower waning."I'm near 17 years old! The hard bulge now found there was rubbing against her panty-clad pussy, and she was enjoying what she was doing to him. Charlie could feel the heat rising from this young teenager's pubescent pussy. Becky Ann was at that age where her age was an issue for her! As Charlie licked and sucked on her tit, Becky began wriggling on his lap.

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He took one of the tender buds into his mouth, sucking and licking the pink button as Becky softly mewled in delight.

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