Adults intimidating children

Sometimes a parent may feel taken hostage by a child, their teenager, or an adult child. When using this definition it may be easier to see how parents can feel controlled by their children.

In childhood it may be the demands a child makes or it could be a child with special needs physically or emotionally.

Make sure that your requests are short, clear and consistent.

Laughing at a behavior one time and reacting angrily another sends the child a contradictory message.

Give her time to look at you before you start speaking.Positive communication focuses on respect for the child and involves both speaking and listening. Positive communication leads to nurturing relationships, cooperation, and feelings of worth.Poor communication can lead to kids who "turn off" adults, conflicts and bickering, and feelings of worthlessness.Kind, supportive words and actions tell children that they are loved and lead to positive self-esteem. Nurturing words and actions help to develop trusting relationships where problems can be discussed and solved.

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  1. For instance, it would be reasonable to say something like, “I’m under the weather but want to keep being productive — would it be okay for me to work from home today and tomorrow? We have our busiest registration period coming up and as advisors/call center reps, our bosses want us to get hyped to work the busy, stressful month.