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The skin will rise into the glass cup and will begin to redden.

Typically, these glass or silicone cups are set in place for up to three minutes at a time.

Fire Cupping has also been practiced throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Three different traditional cupping methods have been used.It is imperative that the environment in which the wet cupping therapy is performed is clean and sterilized to prevent infection to the treatment sites.During massage cupping, the alternative medicine practitioner can move the cups around and glide them across your skin, and it is recognized as a form of massage therapy.Alternative medicine is defined as any form of medical treatment that is used in the place of traditional therapies or traditional and modern scientific medicine and practices.Alternative medicine claims to provide healing effects that other forms of medicinal therapy have not been proven to work.

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  1. Education, awareness and intervention are key to stopping dating abuse. The purpose of DVAM is to mourn those who have died because of domestic violence, to celebrate those who have survived and to connect those who work to end domestic violence. Teens may not have very much dating experience and so they base their ideas of dating norms on pop-culture relationships which, as we all know, are rarely good examples.