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We're delighted to announce that we have joined forces with the TV and digital agency Factual Management and we have now welcomed to LAW Sophie Laurimore, who first launched the agency in 2009, along with agents Carina Rizvi and Jamie Slattery.

The Factual Management team have already joined us in our West London offices. Our literary agents are happy to consider submissions from new authors, but please be aware that we are a small literary agency with a busy client list and we take on only a handful of new clients each year from the thousands of approaches made to us, many of which are from established writers and artists.

Does my employment status change after I have been with the same employer for more than 12 weeks?

No, your employment status is the same but, after 12 continuous weeks with the same employer, you are entitled to many of the same rights as permanent employees.

View our Speaker profiles Lucas Alexander Whitley is active in all areas of representation (including speaking, licensing, brand, film and television deals) and operates with individuality and commitment.

Small enough to be friendly, big enough to operate effectively in a global market, always imaginative, we not only look for the best deals for our clients but also plan their long term careers.

Most agency workers are ‘workers’ as they are not an employee of the agency or of the employer who is providing the work. No, it does not matter whether you have a written contract or not.

I had worked for 10 weeks on a 14 week placement before I stopped work because my baby was born. Secondly, the qualifying period between the two placements with the same employer was paused because the break between your placements was related to pregnancy, childbirth or maternity leave.Your rights during pregnancy and childbirth depend on your employment status.For example, you need to be classed as an ‘employee’ in order to qualify for the right to take maternity leave.Factual Management was originally created to focus on the representation of exceptionally talented television presenters and then expanded its scope further with the opening of Factual Digital in 2016, which now nurtures online talent. If you are a new author, please read the submission guidelines before doing anything else.Together we are planning to bring our complementary skills and imagination together to find the widest range of exciting new opportunities for our clients, as well as seeking new talent to represent jointly. Picture book creator Jane Porter has a demonstrable affinity for young children.

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