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During our long research for 'Fly With The Stars' we met many former BSAA staff, and in doing so we were told of many more.

When Arthur realised the aircraft was about to hit the trees, he laid down flat on the cockpit floor.This aircraft was written off less than three months later, on September 7th 1946 in an accident at Bathurst.I was recently contacted by Patrick Lemmon, who very kindly sent me these superb photographs of ex-BSAA Stargirl June Knight (ne Maddock).Those of you who have read 'Fly With the Stars' will remember the serious accident which occurred to Avro York 'Star Venture' on January 5th 1949 at Caravelas, Brazil.Joan's husband Arthur (David's father) was the Radio Officer on that fateful flight and fortunately escaped the accident unscathed.

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