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But now we can download songs from the internet directly to the phone.There are many apps allows searching for songs and download free music.Using the “search” tab user can look for a song or album.Another great thing is auto-completion feature that suggests various artist or songs of possible interest as user start to type their query.Open youtube website on your Android browser, do a search for the music you are looking for and copy the URL.Now, on a new tab search for “Youtube to Mp3” and you will see a list of the website that allows downloading the audio files in mp3 format.Interestingly not only it plays songs, but you can also download music for free with the app.Just do the search for a song, keep scrolling until you find the desired song and there is a download button in the right side.

Many websites offer to download audio track youtube videos (from youtube to mp3 songs).

It comes with a fast searching feature to quickly find music by artist, band, and tags.

Users can also preview song of an MP3 file before downloading).

Since the mobile network started to serve high-speed data and wi-fi networks readily available around us, it becomes easier to do things on the phone what we used to do on the desktop.

Back in times, we used to download mp3s on the computer then transfer them to the phone.

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  1. THE DATING GAME was all but forgotten until the mid-80s, when Barris decided to do it yet again. I don't know terribly much about it except for the following: By the time the 90s rolled around, Chuck Barris sold the rights to all his shows to Columbia-Tristar Television.