Angela simmons and romeo miller dating

It was focused on the story of Angela Simmons being engaged.

Was your reaction really authentic and how do you handle being in the limelight when it comes to your personal relationships?

You gotta always just do your best, work your ass off, work your hardest and know that in perfect timing, when that opportunity comes, you just have to be ready.

, she has yet to even tell her sister that she's pregnant.

Last question, what advice would you give to young black entrepreneurs who are starting businesses now more than ever because of the climate of the economy and the job market?

Some of my keys to business - always know your competition.

The one thing I tell you about Solange is that she’s always been a very passionate young woman.

In the fourth episode of Growing Up Hip Hop‘s second season, “Immaculate Deception” we see Romeo Miller confront Angela Simmons about her new husband and baby.Just like Egypt’s story where she’s in high school and she wants to chase her dreams and focus on her career and not college right now. so when I’m in a relationship, it’s weird because it’s like a marriage - not a relationship. What I learned from my past relationships is that I give so much...She’s got this boyfriend who she cares for, but at the same time, she knows he’s not right. I do everything I can for that person whether it's helping this person with their life [or] helping this person with a business. I have to find someone who can give some of that back to me.In the exclusive clip above, you can see Simmons break the news to her sister Vanessa, and even spill a surprising detail of baby Sutton's conception. First time, boom, you're pregnant," Angela says casually after the two go through a few online comments referencing her famous virginity. In the season premiere, we learned that she had neglected to inform her BFF Romeo Miller about her engagement, and he had to find out from her Instagram.As casual as the admission is, it doesn't get past Vanessa. Let's hope she didn't wait very long to tell him she was pregnant!

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