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So, if they advertise Boise Idaho but are communicating like they are haling from Mars... A final flag is their following one of several common "oh woe is me and my life" scripts.Usually (might not be true for males) it's mother/father has passed and father/mother dragged me off to Ghana because of (insert story here).Grammar is a red flag (but it's not a clincher as too many of us 'Muricans are not knowing how to said grammers, let along spells it).

and it makes it harder and harder to sort through and look for the goodnstuff, if it's [email protected] Seems one aspect, after reading profiles, that young boys are looking to hook up with older women.Especially those if us over 50 - all desperately asking for someone to be "baggage free.Mmph, she laugs, if you're over 50, and you have lived at all, you aren't "baggage free." The only question is, is it high quality, "good" baggage that you've held onto or is it dreck?IF he is real and IF he is just not confident in his writing abilities, it might end up being an endearing funny story between you two.Again, I think something like 80% (or more) of the gals I contact through dating sites are scammers.

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