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These clients usually will talk about what happened and maybe ask questions.Usually, they are reliving a traumatic event like a flashback. If your X has been diagnosed as PTSD, MPD, and Psychotic disorders, then the drinking is probably a way for him to escape or medicate some of the symptoms.The other day I went to try to get him to go and get him help and he refused.He can barely breathe half the time and I fear that he is slowly dieing.

If you live in the Phoenix area, I would love to help you in whatever way I can. I have faces change right before my eyes, or the pupal roll away and I only see the whites of their eyes. When they recognize that you are not afraid, they will usually change back and will react the way you described.

It may be more likely, that your husband has bent up rage and only comes out while drinking.

His initial relaxation is the reason for the drinking, but then his ability to control his emotion also disappears.

I then started to cry, asking him why he would watch it in front of me all the time, even though he didnt know I was standing right in front of him.

He then looked away, with his head down and spoke almost as if he were a young boy, shrugging his shoulders. So then he did, with a face of disgust just staring me down.

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The road may be wild and crazy at times and I would also suggest you spend time with a counselor as well. When he drinks his rum/cokes his personality would change, becoming very angry & violent. I was stabbing him with car keys & it didn’t affect him at all. Sher, what you described sounds more like possession.

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