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While the father's slow demise, and its effects on the family and the overall drama, was expertly acted, I found myself wishing the writers had handled this part of the series a little more succinctly and sensitively, as there are many of us who have lost loved ones to cancer and know all too well what a draining and life-altering experience that can be for an entire family.

The cast was amazing and delivered memorable performances, easily making this one of the best Korean dramas I have seen.

No sir, just another spin on reality with the out of the blue injections of insecurity, over-reacting and assumptions.

IMHO, what bothered me the most was Ji-An giving DK back his necklace and berating him.

I expected her love for Do-Kyung to win out over any justifiable grudge she might have held against his family.

I believe it was reasonable, after all their shared experiences, to expect her, over time, to soften emotionally and allow her relationship with Do-Kyung to continue, given all they had overcome to reach that point.

You have many of your fans smile, cry, sigh, and yearn for so much over these past few months, and we wish you the very best! Maybe 2 more episodes would have given fans who needed to see J in a wedding dress the satisfactory ending they needed.

Seeing so much crying, episode after episode, on the screen, after having experienced that personally in real life was quite a bit to be asked to experience once again.While that's probably a somewhat accurate reflection of real life, where not everything works out in the end, it's somewhat disingenuous to follow these characters along and not have them finally achieve all they fought for: each other's love. Jian & Dokyung had the most evocative instrumental theme with keyboard and fretless electric bass that were played with such virtuosity, that I was completely awestruck. I salute you all and you have been recognized and appreciated, good job!The writers, in going well out of their way to reveal Do-Kyung's caring for Ji-An, being there at every key moment and loving her without fail, if only at a distance, established some reasonable expectation Ji-An would come around. The artistry: writing, acting, music, photography were intertwined so delicately that the impact was compelling and overwhelming. KBS staff, you guys never fail to produce such a heartwarming family drama. By far, she inflicted more pain on Choi Do-Kyung than whatever pain he might have caused her. Granted Ji An was kind of a jerk at times and she was the weakest character in the drama IMO, still I think it wrapped up fine after all.

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When Ji-An's father told her, under the tree, to give herself another chance, and when he also told Do-Kyung to wait forever if he meant he loved Ji-An, I believed a "happy ending" was all the more possible. Love that DK had a chance to talk to JA's dad and receiving good advice. I was glad when he left the CEO position he seemed to have a decent place to live. But that would be an American ending, this is a Korean drama. He goes off to Spain and she works going into the office for a year. Salavation army kettle, volunteering at the orphanage and helping the elderly who live alone. Finished with strong rating and each actors deserved a round of applause for making the drama Unforgettable.

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