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Yet, if the two extremes - say, a very dark skinned person marries a very fair skinned person, it's an issue.I don't get it (Well, I do get it, but I don't like it. I even had someone years ago ask "But what if your son or daughter were dating someone of another race? " and expressed that my views do not differ in this area and I do not have a NIMBY view of interracial dating or marriage.I had just hoped that we had grown more from our days of segregation and racial separation. I have always found it interesting that people tend to grimace when a black person is married to a white person, but any other mix is not seen as such a big deal.You know, if a black or white person is married to a Hispanic or Asian or even Native American, or if any of the said races (and there are more) intermarry, it doesn't seem to cause a problem.To try to build a theology of race based on upon Scripture is nothing more than sinful racism.That, my friend, has no place in the Kingdom of God.

It appeared that their adult daughter had begun to friend and hang out with brothers and sisters of the darker hue (i.e.However, there is always danger in taking a verse out of context and building a belief system out of it. There are also many other Old Testament passages that warned the Israelites not to intermarry with the inhabitants of the land of Canaan. I believe it was solely a religious and faith issue.The admonition was for God followers not to marry non-God followers, or idolaters. It was fully a matter regarding the people of the land (the Canaanites) and their worship of false gods and practicing immoral and evil reglious acts. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? 2 Corinthians (ESV) It's pretty obvious this verse has nothing to do with race or skin color.Simeon, called Niger, in Acts 13:1 may also have been black. Maybe it's because we tend to make God in our image rather than remembering it's the other way around.It's pretty safe to say that most likely very few characters in Scripture were light skinned in that most were "Semitic," light or dark brown in complexion. It is interesting that the Bible does not speak about skin tone much and when it does, it's not a major point. God's message of grace and salvation is for all people of all races and skin tones.

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This admonition was echoed in the New Testament, of course, now referencing Christians rather than the Israelites. It does, however, clearly state what we as believers are to know regarding relationships.

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