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I was happy to see that many other countries celebrate educators in all the other months of the year.

All of us have at least one teacher, instructor or professor who really made a difference in our lives.

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are responding to the natural desire to find culturally and ethnically similar partners.In a folk- and family-hostile environment for white people, no one else will care about our interests.Our future is in our hands, and we must build a safe, prosperous, and beautiful environment for our descendants.So far, three-fourths of the sign-ups are men, perhaps because most women let men take the lead in new endeavours. Groups can be formed according to various interests: Books, political discussion, love & relationship advice, child care, health & nutrition, pet lovers, martial arts etc.Whatever your passion, invite “redpilled” people in your area to join.

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C at all if they really were over a billion years old, yet the radiocarbon lab reported that there was over 10 times the detection limit.

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