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What you can and should do is prioritize your children’s well-being and sense of security.

Your daughter has already asked not to be left alone with your wife because your wife is incapable of interacting with a 14-year-old girl she’s cared about for years without making her feel responsible for the fact that your wife doesn’t have a baby.

Your daughter has already lost her stepmother—let her know that her father is still looking out for her, and don’t force her to continue living with a woman who makes it clear every day that she’s “not her real daughter” anymore just because she doesn’t have a baby, too.

Your primary obligation at this point, after throwing a considerable amount of time and effort into trying to repair your relationship with your wife, is to your children.

They should not have to bear the brunt of your wife’s frustration and bitterness.

I purposefully rented an Airbnb with an extra bedroom so that if any friends came to visit, they’d have a comfortable place to stay. —Internship Blues “Feeling bummed” is not an overreaction to disappointment, nor is it unreasonable to suggest to friends that you’d love to host them if they wanted to visit.

Now, despite dropping hints to five or six close friends, no one is taking me up on the offer! I was excited to show off my new city and looking forward to a taste of home amid so many new people. That doesn’t mean that your friends have done anything wrong, or that they don’t care about you—not everyone can afford a trip even with partially subsidized airfare, and plenty of them may have already made summer plans of their own.

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