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They can grow to a whopping 5ft tall, and weigh up to 88lbs - making them taller than a pony and heavier than most dogs.Janet's first hatchling was born in July 2012, and she has since amassed a herd of the birds.Now Ellen must finally address the very real flaws in her relationship with Malcolm and examine her doubts and fears about the only option that seems to be available--single motherhood.And so begins nine months of reading, Internet surfing, and nonstop Zigmanesque observations about morning sickness, stretch marks, accelerated hair growth, digestion, amniocentesis (and that's just the beginning).Asked what his most meaningful interaction was with a child during filming, he dropped this absolute heart-shredder: And it turns out that his father and mother were sitting with him when the phone call came. And they called the parents in, because they weren't sure how long he'd last.And so his father wrote to me right away, and said "Thank you, thank you" - he hadn't seen him smile since October, and this was in March - and when the phone was hung up, he said "Big Bird called me!

With the laugh-out-loud humor and heartfelt wisdom that made Animal Husbandry a national bestseller, Laura Zigman's second novel introduces Ellen Franck, a successful single career woman whose one desire--a child of her own--throws her into the ever-growing ranks of the "reproductively challenged."Ellen has a life many people dream about--a glamorous fashion industry job, an apartment in Greenwich Village, good friends--and yet Ellen feels herself at sixes and sevens, filled with a vague longing for...what? Then the sight of her newborn niece, Nicole (a.k.a.

The complications of loving someone who doesn't see in his life something that you see so clearly in yours leads Ellen to make some tough decisions.

Her journey from sperm donor ads to Mommy groups is heart wrenching and true-to-life.

Carroll Spinney, the puppeteer who brought to life Big Bird on Sesame Street, took part in a Reddit AMA today.

If you were expecting Q&As about how hot the costume is, you were sadly mistaken.

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