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Pastor Haizlip is conflicted about how to interact with David because he’s never before interacted with transgendered or transsexual people and is concerned about doing so in a way that is loving and respectful to both David and to God. Watching Pastor Haizlip’s interaction with David, seeing his love for David and his words of encouragement to David were powerful moments in Christian television.The issue of whether it is disrespectful to God to address David as David when God created him as April was not resolved on the show and I didn’t expect it to be.Cookies are required by this website in order to ensure a seamless user experience.Please make sure your browser has cookies enabled before continuing on your journey.for the poor image of Christians and pastors they think it perpetuates.I, however, do not believe in “Christian respectability politics," the idea that the image of Christians portrayed on reality television or anywhere else has to be “perfect,” for Jesus’s sake.I cried watching it and hearing Pastor Haizlip say, “I am here as a direct result of God saying, ‘DJ, I love you.’ And I want to pray for you.” That is what pastors—Black and White and every other race—all across this country are doing for the hurt, the broken and the poor.Christians are hungry for that kind of reality show and would support it.

So here is what happened, she was going g to wear this beige number, but it photographed white and it would have been a huge no, no for her to have been in something g … Mc Cray III on Twitter @William GMc Cray, Instagram @Sir William GMc Cray III, Periscope @Sir William GMc Cray III to watch my live viedos and to keep up on the latest!!!Read More » Email me your story to William GMc [email protected]! https:// Cash App @Sir William GMc Cray III Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Reginald Wayne Sharpe, Jr. We are sorry, but the system was unable to process your request because your web browser did not behave as expected.Minister Chaney follows the tea party with a shopping spree with newfound friend and fellow preacher's wife, Christy Haizlip. Haizlip is so overwhelmed and excited by Minister Chaney's friendship that Mrs.Haizlip declares she wants to be a "blessing" to Minister Chaney.

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