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As a part of a community that has experienced tremendous amounts of bigotry and racism to this day, it is important that we as African-Americans direct our anger and hurt at the institution of racism and not people. Harmful and hateful ideologies such as, “All black people lie, steal and kill,” have to be taught.

that is, until those minority of fundamentalists who still believe that God intends for the races to be separated begin to blast Bob Jones University as "going liberal" or "giving in." (Yes, this will happen.) My opinion: Dear Dr.

I know how it feels to realize that our race makes up 38 percent of arrests for violent crimes even though we are only 12 percent of the population.

I know exactly how it feels to be pulled over just because you are black.

Although we may not have the power or privilege to be racist, we do have the power to stand up for what is right.

Now it’s time to put that left fist up and get in formation.

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