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He treats me like a queen and I appreciate that, he is ver sensative to my feelings and I am currently dealing with a health condition where I had to have brain surgery for and he stayed by my bedside the entire time when at the same time my Ex never visited me once to check on me, and I'm the mothe of his kids.

I just wanted to see what other's think with this situation, and the brother says he don't care what his family thinks because you can't help who you fall in love with. Well, I see a couple of problems with this scenario right off the bat.

First, I think that if you have kids, this would be a bit difficult. And he bases his feelings on you as the wife to a family member. I'm sensing that you are lonely and this is easy.

Don't be entirely certain the problems in his marriage were all on the wife's side of the ledger.But I don't think the situations are parallel, since your guy doesn't even sound fully out of his marriage yet. One possibility is to tell him you like him a lot, and would be excited if he has you on his list for the future, and that you feel you might do very well together, but that you want him to take some time and have a clean break from any serious relationship first, for his own sake.I think that if you approach it this way you will still have a chance when he fully recovers emotionally.The fact that the brother doesn't care what his family thinks is a concern to me - in other words, they're against you two being together. I'd think if you were loved by the family, and he is, they'd be pleased as punch to have you both together so your children will be well taken care of and you'd remain inside the family. I just feel the immediate family doesn't want us together like his other brother and sisters including my Ex.his mom seems fine with it..say's she seen and heard worse before. Ultimately, this is a decision that only you can make.To me, it seems like a whole bunch of drama is on the horizon.

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I have a question, and I feel real weird concerning the situation, but my Ex-husbands brother says that he's in love with me and wants to marry me.

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