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The material Rogers studied was from an area directly adjacent to the carbon 14 sample, an area known as the Raes corner. This was unexpected and and completely inexplicable. Fibers have popped out of the central part of the thread, and the fibers from the two ends point in opposite directions.During actual weaving of the linen cloth, whenever a new length of thread had been introduced into the loom, the weavers had simply laid it in next to the previous length rather than splicing. Rogers and Arnoldi wrote: [The thread] shows distinct encrustation and color on one end, but the other end is nearly white . This section of yarn is obviously an end-to-end splice of two different batches of yarn.

In addition to the discovery of dye, microchemical tests - which use tiny quantities of materials - provided a way to date the shroud.

This form of ancient bleaching removed very little lignin.

This did not resemble medieval linen that was field bleached.

These tests revealed the presence of a chemical called vanillin in the radiocarbon sample and in the Holland cloth, but not the rest of the shroud.

Vanillin is produced by the thermal decomposition of lignin, a chemical compound found in plant material such as flax.

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