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Abraham Zacuto wrote tables that provided the principal base for Portugese navigation, including those used by Vasco Da Gama on his trip to India.

Guedelha-Master Guedelha served as a rabbi and doctor and astrologer for both King Duarte and King Alfonso V.

During the reign of King Joao I (1385-1432), Jews were forced to wear a special habit and to obey a curfew.

Sparks of Portugal’s past can be found in the remote mountain villages, where the some of the last remaining Marrano communities can still be found practicing Jewish rituals behind closed doors, fear of persecutions still looming.Yahia ben Yahi’s grandson, Jose ben Yahi was appointed High Steward of the Realm, by Henriques’ successor, King Sancho I (1185-1211).Tensions arose between the Jewish community, who choose to remain faithful to their religion, and the local clergy and middle/lower classes.Today, the Jewish community of Portugal numbers approximately 600 people.century BCE or maybe even beforehand during the reign of King Solomon in 900s BCE.

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A rabbi served as the administrative and legal authority within the commune.

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