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Nicola's mother had phoned ahead asking for champagne to be laid on, but none was produced, while someone else who was celebrating their birthday got a cake and candles.But the reception they received at the Dates-n-Mates Valentine's Ball a few days later more than made up for it.

"It starts when they move from school into the care system and lose contact with people they have been friends with for four or five years."I'm here to make new friends," says Karen Dreghorn, 33, who has been posing, hand on hip like a catwalk model (but with antlers) in front of a photographer in the foyer.Asked if she's spending the night in the Radisson though, she gives a cheeky grin: "I'd love to stay in a posh hotel if I could find a nice guy to stay with me." Until the seventies, the concept of sexuality in people with learning disabilities was taboo.Somewhere in the middle of this riot of colour and noise, a young couple stand intertwined, the girl, as dainty as a china doll, on her tiptoes so she can gaze into her partner's eyes.Those party-goers who are still single are coyer about their desire for love or a liaison.

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