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In 1973, King spearheaded the formation of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA). As player-coach of the Philadelphia Freedoms, she was one of the first women to coach professional male athletes.

Leveraging her position as its most celebrated player, she threatened a boycott of the 1973 U. The budding tennis star married Larry King in 1965, but soon found herself wrestling with her feelings for other women.

She went on to successfully defend that title in each of the following two years, and added her first U. Open singles championship in 1967 and her only Australian Open triumph the following year. 1 ranking in women's tennis, King turned professional. Open, French Open and Wimbledon to claim three Grand Slam titles in one year.

Renowned for her speed, net game and backhand shot, King was a regular presence in the winner's circle in singles, doubles and mixed-doubles tournaments over the next few years. Never shy about speaking her mind, King jolted the tennis establishment with her views that the sport needed to shed its country-club image and offer equal payouts to both genders.

"I thought it would set us back 50 years if I didn't win that match," she said.

"It would ruin the women's tour and affect all women's self esteem.", starring Emma Stone as King and Steve Carell as Riggs.

She’s not at the club to pick up women and probably has some impossibly cool job in media or something. How To Seduce: I don’t think this has ever been done.

Traits: Masters of the “I don’t give a fuck face,” they’ll be playing pool and in a group of similar butch girls. They’ll sulk at first but there’s no point in trying to start witty conversation about the recent article you read on Like, if you aren’t going to socialize with others then just stay home and watch Netflix under the same blanket. How To Spot: Perfect tumbling tresses, heels, and a handbag. Everyone thinks they’re straight “in the wild” so they’re dying to be in a queer-centric environment and are super excited.

A hot butch is kryptonite to a lot of queer girls, and they know it. How To Seduce: You can't seduce them, you have to let them seduce you. How To Spot: Token gay wear (converse, dungarees), minimal make-up, and an “excited puppy” face.

How To Spot: Snapback cap, mowhawk (or similar), leather or “surfer style” jewelery.

Traits: They’ll be darting around the club talking to everyone, flirting with no one (they don’t know how) but making lots of Facebook friends.

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