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The Oscar-winning actress is more interested in finding lasting love than walking down an aisle. Beautiful, 35-year-old actress Charlize Theron has never been married, and that's just fine with her.In fact, married life has never been something she was interested in, she recently told Piers Morgan in an interview."I really want for myself a long-term relationship, and I have been in long-term relationships," she said. The actual ceremony is not something that is important to me, but I see the importance for other people."Charlize spent nearly a decade dating Irish actor Stuart Townsend before the couple broke up in 2010 and has mostly recently been linked to Keanu Reeves, Prince Harry, and, inexplicably, a New York famer.Charlize, 35, dated 'Superhero Movie' actor Craig Bierko and Third Eye Blind lead singer Stephan Jenkins before embarking on a nine-year relationship with Stuart.

Charlize Theron Relationship Stuart Townsend: In the year 2001 it was being rumored around that Charlize has been in dating relation with the actor Stuart Townsend.

Though the pair never married, Stuart often spoke about how he considered Charlize his wife.

He said: “I didn’t do a church wedding or anything but we consider ourselves husband and wife.

It has been claimed that many of the songs on the "Vein" album have to do with his emotions about their breakup.

Charlize Theron is famously working as being one of the top known South African and American actress.

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