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If he must beard, he should keep this implausible one who lives across the pond, dates other guys, sells skin cream to pay the bills and makes it easy to see through the charade. Remember she most likely has a real SO also and may not want the PDA to ramp up either. He would be just fine at functions as a single guy. IThey really don’t need to do any PDA to keep this going. The casual fan accepts that Sam’s in a long distance relationship. Top matches are articles from JJ and Pop Sugar w/pics of his “gf”. To them since TB posted a vid of her in NY and Sam being radio silent means they spent a quick, quiet weekend together in NY. “MM now in disguise because of harassment by the peeps who know the truth? It's blurry and *could* be him since we all take weird pics sometimes but I'd bet anything it wasn't him. She did it, and while Sam has never spoken extensively on the matter, that story is out there, and Sam makes reference to her at key moments. He probably is after all this time, but whatever the case, a ramped up campaign with TB my force him to have some very uncomfortable conversations with her about what is going on.[quote] who is the average non shipper/non samzie fan I imagine it's like being a casual fan in any fandom. Later on, well, he is physically not the war proofed, still attraktive aged scottish warrior. He is just the tall gay guy, who works out in the gym five days a week and worked hard for his muscles. Feminine gay men, gender-nonconforming folks and trans people are, at best, guest stars, denied real plots, romantic story lines or central positions in the story.[quote]Worse, across mainstream movies and television, gay protagonists often gain their status as protagonists and palatability by distancing themselves from femininity.As long as she is getting her appearances at industry functions and increased sm awareness, she can go do her own thing for the other 360 days out of the year. Continue to sprinkle a few articles and pictures here and there and it can keep this going. No need for pics, they write the narrative for them. Remember in the LA times interview when the subject of his "gf" came up, he referred to his mother; he has often mentioned how sheepish he is about his mom seeing some of the nude love scenes in OL; he has brought her to some minor RC's in the UK; and he has even said how proud she'd be about some of the fan awards he has won. There are lots of things I enjoy that I only know what floats across my timelines. As most of you know, english is not my mother tongue, bute I am trying to give my best: BTW, Jennifer Allen of Viewpoint. 8820 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 220 Beverly Hills, CA 90211 310-388-3333109 W. May is Tuesday, a bank holiday of in most of Europe. So, whatelse can we do for selling gay Sam Heughan as straight? But, you never will get a fullblood racing horse from a cold blood working horse. Sam Hseughan has found his niche as an actor because Gabaldon wrote those books. Take “Will & Grace”: Will Truman is acceptable in part because he is not Jack Mc Farland.In two years he has kept it strictly PR event, little sister vibe."SO TRUE, lol[quote]"I got a sharp response from the woman u call CO. Hopefully he will do this (he does have real talent) and he can focus on his core business, his acting.I was told she tolerates nothing negative about Sam on her blog . I said nothing about his sexuality or private life. SHAMzie Troll #2 CO, has talked about Sam's sexuality before, she KNOWS the truth but keeps pushing the SHAMzie charade and obsessivaly, defending the beard. In the meantime, if he must beard (and sadly that does seem to be the case), he really does need to have someone more credible.He's almost 38, never married, no legit girlfriends though his PR team is pathetically pretending otherwise in SM. The bios that stated he was gay, have been scrubbed.

She’s not a child and needs to hit that pavement harder on her own if she wants to feed herself as an actress. I'd be surprised if his family didn't know he's gay, and also about the moderate bearding.I'd drop the "almost," except lighting and camera angles make a positive ID tricky. This same man used to post very regularly on Sam's original Twitter account, then went almost completely silent after Sam started to gain some fame. Stayed tuned for their tongues to be down each other’s throat. These are rich, privileged celebrities who don't need our pity.I believe he was a long-time love."More sources about Sam being gay, from the previous threads:[quote]"I’ve known he’s gay since right after he was cast. The truth about Sam is blowing up everywhere, thanks to more and more recovering OL fans who’ve seen the light, so STARZ, LG, PR ALLEN, JUST JARED, SAMSIEVILLE and all shippers included are panicking. R40 Yep, that RC shit parade will be here before we know it..... Just observe and comment and save your emotions for RL, FFS.They have probably spent less than 10 hours together in the same room in the last six months. An out actor and supporter of GLAAD, which fights for LGBT representaion in media, Moore appeared in Glee and an independent film, I'm Obsessed With You (But You've Got to Leave Me Alone), before landing his big break in Love, Simon. So, nothing what I predicted at the end of thread #28 happened at his last stay in LA. Instead we got now the Balfe and SH liking TB twitters and IG immediately to make the audience believe, that gay Sam Heughan is in a relationship whith TB. Meanwhile someone be so kind and post this new pic of gay Sam Heughan and probably gay Cesar Domboy (this name sounds always as a promise, when pronounced english). He needs to be careful with his innuendos etc, as some fandoms can be fickle, particularly if they come to feel that they are being played, and casual viewers can get bored.He was excited to be part of the film and its team: The production has a gay director, Greg Berlanti, as well as queer actors like Joey Pollari and Keiynan Lonsdale, who all understood its significance as the first movie centered on a gay teen to be backed by a major studio, 20th Century Fox.[quote]“I think that resentment that our community has toward straight actors taking our roles is that the reverse doesn't happen as frequently,” said Moore, adding, "I'm less frustrated with straight actors taking gay roles and more frustrated that gay actors aren't allowed as frequently to play straight roles."r46. Does that mean, that we at Datalounge have the power to PREVENT (sorry for the caps, couldn't resist) those PR moves just in predicting them in advance? Next thing to cover is Sam attending those best dressed guy style award on Saturday. R46 R48 You just hit the nail on the head ;)[quote]"They have probably spent less than 10 hours together in the same room in the last six months."[quote]"He looks like he is getting an enema every time he is near her. Much as he seems to enjoy his SM games, his primary need is to impress casting directors /studio heads if he is to establish himself for the longer term.

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  1. Several people are listed as “assistants to Randall Emmett.” Also, I couldn’t locate an Instagram account for Randall, but his Facebook page does have pictures of him wearing a similar looking bracelet to Lala’s boyfriend, but a million guys could own that bracelet.