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For sandals, the edges of the straps do not bite into my feet, so the shoes are comfortable even on the first wear.

Instead of around .90 for a tote bag which was not properly sewn for the inner lining, I felt that would do it justice.

The ones that usually catch my eye - their stunning shiny high pierced heels - are never on sale but it's fine if there's my size.

Never got to try any of them thanks to my size 33/34 feet but oh if I could, I would bankrupt myself here.

And within seconds, I am out of the shop again, disappointed once more. and the first impression I got from D&C was disappointment. I got in anyway, because I was curious as to what this "imitation" store sells.. and even if there are, somehow my unfortunately wide feet are not as comfortable in them.

From afar, I thought there was a D&G outlet and got all happy but when I came closer, it's D&C. However, they do carry some lovely designs for bags, ranging from totes to clutches.

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It was hard to get the attention of the staff, as they were absorbed in their own conversations, which did not give me a desire to ever return...

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