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Does the sling mount on the side of the stock mean anything cause i've seen them on the bottom of some Chinese sks The stock is cut for spike bayo....

/216\ "Chinese Characters" R17***** The importer stamp says "SKS 7.62x39 CHINA NORINCO CSI ONT CA" All matching #'s The inside of the stock looks fairly old....

1949 Tula Arsenal This is the early 1950's stamping. In the year 1950, I have found 3 different stampings from the Tula Arsenal.

Note the similarities between it and the 1949 stamping. The markings seem to improve in quality as the year progressed.

So,..that ain't a date I don't know what is,.....*wink*sksmbb Old Outlaw,..."If you never ask a question, don't expect an answer" ~ Confucius I would be happy with speculation, theories, and estimated guesses at this point. Lets say I take the /26\ formula for example,....56 16 = 72. triangle code /906\ @ 1621330 would place it somewhere between 1957 to 1958 production. as I was hoping to narrow it down within a range of lets say,... With any and all of my C&R collectable firearms,...

I found a site that explains how to date them if they have the /26\ but in 1963 they started putting 3 Chinese characters on there that represent "Type 56" and I guess that's when stuff starts getting tricky.

The Chinese markings are too numerous to list now but can be found on on

8-AK-And-SKS-Collector-Discussion-Board Hope this provides you with some good information.

oblong factory codes: 1.(23),(874),(974),(0402),(6009),(9186),(9696) D. no, the barrel lug is the shoulder that meets the receiver , see pic in yooper site below.

SECTION 24: In this section I will try to show how to figure out what year your SKS was made.

The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible.

These are ALL from my personal observations and not from any books.

I will try to explain the dating system for the SKS rifle.

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