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It tells how to know you're pregnant and how to maintain infertility during breast feeding, as well as how to tell when you become fertile again.Finally, it explains how to chart all the way through menopause.

Can potentially lead to Actually, I Am Him, and a good way to help disguise the fact that Samus Is a Girl until the right moment. This is a language-dependent trope: it's rather common in languages like English, but in others is impossible to do.But looking after one's marriage must be the first priority: how would you like to have three preschoolers, work part-time, do your own housework, cooking and washing, and do it all as a single parent?If you take care of everything else, and neglect your marriage, that's what can happen!One commonly offered explanation for a girl having one is that her parents wanted a boy.Many Japanese names are equally appropriate for men and women; tomboyish characters will frequently have one of these.

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