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Christian Ogden, aged 44, from Central Drive, Westhoughton, admitted himself to Beech Ward at Royal Bolton Hospital on February 26 after he had been struggling with his bipolar disorder and had been in a major depressive episode for six weeks.

He said: “As soon as I got there I was like ‘what have I done?

During one incident, a solicitor had to defend himself after O'Brien began swinging punches at him outside a courthouse.

In another bust up he was wrestled to the floor by security staff when he tried to enter Blackburn College in breach of an order banning him from all campus buildings.

Let's go outside and have a fight."'The officers believed they were going to be assaulted.

He also called them 'f****** morons, maggots and said they were out of shape and told them he could easily knock them out.

He was a local councillor in Rossendale and did lots of community work.'There was no convictions or cautions against him until 2002.

This was when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and they got told it was terminal.'He gave up all his commitments to be able to look after and spend as much time with his wife as possible as he didn't know how much longer she had left.

He did a lot of charity work and did a lot in the community.'In the 1990s he was a lecturer at Blackburn College in special needs education.

A raging ex-councillor has been jailed after a 16-year campaign of racist, foul mouthed and drunken behaviour against public officials, police and even the magistrate sentencing him.

Widower Noel O'Brien, 67, has been arrested 41 times since 2002 for going on bizarre rants against authorities.

'He was not allowed into court and made his way back to the railways station when he ran into the officers who he had seen in July.'Seeing them, he shouted to them: "Hello officers, you are going to be out of a job and working in gay bars in Manchester with your lesbian friend".'The officers told him not to speak to them in that way.

During this, members of the public were passing by and heard him say to them "She's a lesbian, she's going to come out soon, when are you coming out as a lesbian".'He was detained by the officers and arrested.

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