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They've been spotted out together multiple times all across the globe since January 2016, but the gossip press only knows her as "mystery woman," "mystery lady," or "mysterious brunette." In photo captions, she's merely been listed as the usually dreaded "and guest." It seems as though Farrell and "mystery lady" aren't quite eager to put it all out there in public yet.It's all quite a change for an actor whose personal life used to be once watched like a hawk, and whose dating history allegedly includes Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan. “He worked back-to-back projects and just needed a break.He’s been sober 12 years and wanted to do this to make sure he stays that way.Enter Ellen Degeneres, who has a gift for gently coaxing secrets out of celebes.Farrell appeared on her show today to promote , and the host managed to ask him if it was hard to keep up a relationship with his busy schedule.“My girlfriend she travels a lot as well with work so often times we’re two ships passing in the night but we make sure to find a port that we can, you know, rendezvous at," he replied.

That’ll probably be the next time his work will reach a wide audience.

I think I was 8 or 9 when I had a f*cking mad thing for Marilyn Monroe.

I used to leave Smarties, the Irish equivalent of M&M's, under my pillow with a little note saying, "I know you're dead, but these are very f*cking tasty, and you should come have a few. Treated for exhaustion and dependency on prescription medication in December 2005.

In any event, congratulations to Colin Farrell for not only finding what seems to be a true love, but for officially making the jump from action star bad boy whose business was always all up in the gossip sheets to respected indie actor who keeps his personally life low key.

I haven’t posted about Colin Farrell in a LONG time. Despite the fact that he’s actually never looked better. Yesterday, however, Colin stepped out in Hollywood with an attractive woman. At first, in thumbnail, I was like, oh, it’s probably his sister, because the paps are constantly confusing his sister as his girlfriend.

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The newspaper also added that people who claim to be close to the couple are “convinced” an engagement is inevitable. Fans were simultaneously mourning and celebrating the news. Many other fans were crushed because they hoped to marry him...

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