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NEWSFLASH from the BBC: Turmeric repairs brain cells About 500 years ago Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope and tacked for Calicut on the Indian coast.This opened up a vital new spice route that connected Renaissance Europe with the New World.

The method for serum or urine requires the use of activated charcoal.Thanks to Prof Tim Noakes and his Real Meal Revolution team, the hot new word on everyone’s lips these days is ketosis – the burning of fuel from fats and proteins instead of sugars – and ketogenic diets are all the rage. To help those keto-consumers get a quick and tasty fix of carb-free energy, we are now offering the KETOslim range from Nature’s Plus in the USA.The Banting diet (high-fat/low carb) is ketogenic, but so too is the Paleo diet (high protein/low carb). They deliver servings of over 20g of protein and just 2g of net carbs. Our new certified organic Coconut Flour is a delicious, gluten-free alternative to wheat and other grain flours. Interest in coconut flour has been surging in recent months thanks to the paleo diet-inspired book by Dr Tim Noakes and colleagues, The Real Meal Revolution (it’s sold over 100 000 copies in SA).Such unsuccessful preparation can lead to the partial destruction of valuable archaeological material.Establishing a rapid prescreening method for evaluating the amount of bone collagen while minimizing the impact of sampling constitutes a challenge for the preservation of archaeological collections.

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