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The Shelby County School system, of which East High is now a part, often describes itself as "data driven." School districts across the nation are looking at measurements in efforts to determine what is working in the classroom.

If Barrett puts the numbers aside and looks at people, what does she see?

And while the data is scary, while the numbers, we could talk about the graduation rate, the literacy and the math, that doesn't tell the picture," according to Barrett.The conversion will take place over the next four years, with the ninth graders starting in August, 2017, being the first group of all optional students.Barrett was principal at the Maxine Smith STEAM Academy (STEAM is STEM with arts included), a middle school at what was once known as Fairview Junior High.Those experiences are what make me forget about the data and just see the children as children...And so when I look at things that to me are daunting or that are scary, I have to remind myself that those are people that live there, that attend that school.

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Collins even gushed on how she wanted her wedding to be a celebration of the time the pair grew together, "When deciding the "theme" of our wedding I sat down with my mom and basically said that I really didn't want a theme. I wanted people to walk away from my wedding saying, "Wow, they love each other and they love life!

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