Config files in 39etc39 need updating

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Now if you are Filipino reading this I want you to stop here and think: If you didn’t know me, had no clue what I was doing here in the Philippines.By default, config file protection is turned on for /etc and the KDE configuration dirs; more may be added in the future.When Portage installs a file into a protected directory tree like /etc, any existing files will not be overwritten.Police officers arrested a man who is alleged to have been carrying a baseball bat and small axe at a vigil in Birmingham this evening.I decided it was time for a serious change in my life, so I saved for a year, sold my car and anything else that could be sold, bought a one-way ticket and left the UK with nothing but my backpack.

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_*' You can disable this feature by setting CONFIG_PROTECT="-*" in /etc/

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