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Europeans appear in small numbers throughout the country, as missionaries in the countryside, and as businessmen and traders in the cities.

Also acting as merchants are small numbers of Lebanese and Pakistanis.

English is also spoken, especially in the east where eastern and southern African influences have spread in the post-Mobutu era.

Among the slangs spoken in Congo, Indubil has been noted since around the 1960s, Mixed marriages between ethnic groups are common, particularly in urban areas where many different groups live side by side.

Congolese culture combines the influence of tradition to the region, but also combines influences from abroad which arrived during the era of colonization and has continued to have a strong influence, without destroying the individuality of many tribal' customs.

Like many African countries, the borders were drawn up by colonial powers, and bore little relation to the actual spread of ethno-linguistic groups.

For instance, a government official might use French to set a tone of formality and authority with another official, use Lingala when buying goods at a market, and the local language when in his home village.The increasing beliefs in witches and sorcery have tended to mirror the social decay caused by war and poverty.Many of the street children that roam the Congo's cities have been cast out of their families after being denounced as witches.There are 242 languages spoken in the country, with perhaps a similar number of ethnic groups.Broadly speaking, there are four main population groups: The above descriptions are by necessity simplified.

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