Consolidating spreadsheets in excel

Then you choose the installation type: for you only, or for all users of the PC.

After restarting Excel, I saw the Consolidation Manager’s toolbar. When I say the immediate use, I mean you can start consolidating data from different Excel files right away. The Simple button opens the following menu: Yes, it is a familiar step-by-step wizard that has a short clear description of each step and a graphical scheme for each of its three functions.

The first thing the user sees is the wizard windows and the add-in toolbar.

Yes, we can make some parallels with Advanced Consolidation Manager from Mapilab: they both provide a “quick start” option, though use different approaches.

The Beginner and Advanced tabs in Mapilab’s add-in, and the “Tip of the day” window opening at the start of the Excel Spreadsheet Consolidator with three main consolidation options.

You can start working right away from that window and learn all minute details later on.

As you probably know, making a summary report is too general a task that will definitely require the user to gain the understanding of some abstract model of actions suggested to us by the developer if you want to solve your tasks quickly and successfully using a given add-in.

All of us work with various specific documents, data types and ways of their presentation in Excel worksheets.

The add-in’s interface based on two functionality levels increases the comfort of work and makes the process of familiarization with all abilities and functions of the add-in easy and natural.B4) from each of the spreadsheets (same sheet title 'Sheet2' in all spreadsheets) i.e. in consolidation spreadsheet, there will be 100 cells, each linking from B4 of each of the 100 spreadsheets. The major purpose of the add-ins reviewed in this post is to take care of data types and formats upon themselves and let us tackle the main task – to merge and consolidate Microsoft Excel data coming from multiple spreadsheets.So, here is a list of consolidating plug-ins for Microsoft Excel that I suggest you looking at: On the vendor’s web-site ( you will find a clear and comprehensible description of the add-in and its basic functionality.

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Hi I have around 100 spreadsheets, all saved within 1 folder.

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