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That said because of this ethos we seem to have a lot of play and group fun well most of our cougars are bi and get on very well. Yes every picture contains people from or met at parties over the years. ) Plus it's unnessecary work for me and holds up the entrance searching through lists. Try doing a verification trail and see how our network works. **Is this the same as the other club night in Kent.? All our ladies are gorgeous in their own right whether single or in a couple and we have many couples . We are just re-educating guys to the correct etiquette whilst having a laugh and making new connections.

( I've been on a few lists I didn't even know about !! If you read the verifications you will see who attends. But the way my night is run and the regulars spreading our ethos means it's never a problem and people use these nights as a social network.

The Mistress of ceremonies is a wonderful hostess (and incredibly gorgeous) and puts on a fantastic night!

It's all about fun and social connections after all. Had a great time in a really relaxed party atmosphere.

Please report directly to Admin if the content is to slander this original night,the venues or its members or if it offends you. No false advertising, no spamming, The verifications say it all . Karen is the ultimate host, and unbelievably stunning as well. It also means we actually know who you are as well when you arrive. They may use a similar name and claim just a change of hosts but it's a completely different night with a different ethos. more importantly all can be as open minded and naughty as the next if you connect with them! LEGAL NOTICE ----------------------------- PLEASE NOTE ANY OTHER NIGHTS WITH SIMILAR NAMES ARE NOT CONNECTED TO ME IN ANYWAY And USE of the legally registered brand name cougarsandcubs TM or cougars and cubs TM within this sector, social media, marketing, events dating promotions etc with out my permission will result in legal action being taken against you. At C#c we say leave you egos at the door or it will be fed to the ducks .... Highlighting our ethos that social connections = best fun times. You will be registered when you arrive and verified accordingly. No I used to run my night there and pulled it over a year ago. All of them at some point have been told they are amazing , gorgeous and give the best BJ ever!! COUGARSANDCUBS IS UNIQUE TO THE LIFESTYLE AND BREAKS THE USUAL MOULDS. ********************************* ************************************************* ********************************************* THE ORIGINAL AND BEST COUGARSANDCUBS Please note the original cougarsandcubs TM is NO LONGER HELD at Eureka and any nights held there trading under this name is an infringement and not connected or endorsed by us. What this means is that everything from the food, drinks, towels, beds, decor, music, condoms and entertainment is provided by myself and requires pre event and after event set up and break up and organising. Only those promoting the original night have my permission to use these trademarks . Soft drinks are sold onsite if you run out and of course the right non expectant, fun, easy going attitude. I strongly advise people to remove / change any statuses profiles or meets stating cougarsandcubs or cougars and cubs or names similar that are not directly connected to this profile and events listed here.

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