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She asks me if I'd like to hop into the hot tub or head to bed since I was pretty tanked.I said either or is fine and she leads me to her bedroom, we start making out she does the classic chubby check and starts stroking my dick.I am now dating the girl from Tinder, and we occasionally still have "parties" with the bartender and her roommates along with some new talent. send me a message ;) i confess i just made this story up but read it and comment and ill write moreso im at my buddy erics house the other day.looking to cyber with a kinky guy ;)love cleaning dirty assholes with my tongue, getting my stupid face farted on, drinking piss, getting my face slapped, and more! he lives in the basement of his parents house, money is tight and times are tough.She replies with a chuckle and "I figured you wouldn't remember much" turns around walks towards me dropping a plate of flapjacks and bacon in front of me, saying "We'll just have to reenact it then won't we?" Long story short, first time ever having sex and not remembering.

i thought to myself i wonder how much i can get away with. i stood behind her and looked down her low cut blouse. btw she was brunnet, about 5'5", big DD tits a fat ass and a little bit of a belly but she is 45 its ok. i eventually just pulled her shirt down so her tits were just out for me too look at.

A group featuring only women with huge boobs (huge breasts, natural breasts, huge naturals, big boobs, etc) who are either peeing, being pissed on, or drinking pee - preferably a combination of it all. Anything uploaded off the subject matter will be deleted.

Drinking piss straight from the source and swallowing ALL OR MOST OF IT.

my buddy eric is kinda a dick and has real low self confidence so he goes "y the fuck r u laughing im the one with a girl, fag" i kinda just brush it off and tell him to go fuck himself.

he loves to throw the fact that he has a gf and i dont in my face.

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