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When Britain formally annexed Cyprus on 5 November 1914, its Turkish citizens were given the opportunity to return to Ottoman Turkey or remain on the island.

While many Turkish Cypriots did return to their motherland, a few took advantage of an Order in Council passed on 27 November 1917, which regulated the nationality of all remaining Ottoman Cypriot citizens.

There are controls on the quantities and types of goods that can be bought in the north and brought into the south, including from the bicommunal village of Pyla in the buffer zone.

Goods, including cigarettes, may be confiscated at the checkpoint and you may be fined.

Mrs Kemal called on British Turkish Cypriot business owners to support the festival and wider work of KONSEY, which aims to unify the community’s diverse organisations under a single co-ordinating umbrella.Check with your insurance company - you will not be allowed through a crossing without the correct insurance documents.At some of the crossing points it is possible to buy car insurance for the north.For those wishing to be an event sponsor or have a stall, get in touch with CTCA UK chair Leyla Kemal as soon as possible.The Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations UK (CTCA UK), or KONSEY as it is more commonly known, is gearing up to one of its biggest ever events this summer.

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This year the organisers, the Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations in Britain (CTCA UK), are moving the festival to a bigger outdoor space to better accommodate the large number of event visitors.

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