Dating a bald man

I have been trying online dating for 3 years now (this site and others).I have contacted about 150 women and only about 8 have replied.And you usually have to take Propecia the rest of your life, which can have some bad side effects.I decided that I was going to get transplants when I was about 20, but wasn't able to afford it at the time.And only 4 of those resulted in dates (which all went well, for a while anyway).I'm not just contacting the ones that look like supermodels... I am actually flexible on just about any criteria, if the rest of the package is good.

When I was your age, virtually the only people who shaved their heads were neo-Nazis and radical lesbians. I doubt people view you as just bald, average height guy. You might be open to dating someone you normally wouldn't.I'm wondering what the ladies think...big of a deal is it to date a bald guy, who is only 28? I am 28 years old and my hairline starting receding when I was 17.I'm really bummed about this because there is no solution for it.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.I am 28 years old and my hairline starting receding when I was 17.

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