Dating a guy with emotional baggage

Our fights don’t make sense because they're reflected in the past.

You are more vulnerable to getting hurt because you’re holding on to the baggage of the past.

We’re more susceptible to being hurt because your emotional baggage is dragging us down.

We think something is wrong with us, but what we fail to realize is the actions are reflected directly (and only) in the past.

There comes a time, though, after which we shouldn’t have to prove ourselves anymore; when the trust, confidence and faith should outweigh any insecurity or baggage brought in from the past.

If you don’t allow yourself to leave the baggage at the door, you are preventing yourself from living a better present and, more importantly, a better future.

Dating is hard at any age, but even more so in your 30s. “You would think that people get better at treating each other well and mature emotionally as they age, but NOPE.” Another adds, “Lots and lots of unmatched swipes on Tinder.” But, perhaps the most common concern among those looking for love in their 30s is the amount of baggage people come with.

The playing field is narrower, your number of single friends is dwindling and everyone’s carrying around a whole lot more baggage. Taking to Reddit, droves of singletons in their thirties have been revealing what it’s really like to tackle the tricky world of dating. One user says, “Dating in your 30s is trying to find someone with the least amount of baggage (emotional, children, etc.), or at least less baggage than you.” “It's like sorting through a bargain bin of damaged goods,” another agrees.

It’s easy for us to be discouraged because of the pain and difficulties we have had to go through.

It’s easier for us to hold on to what we’ve always known and been through, than to let go and allow our present and future to be better than our past ever was. We blame new lovers for things old lovers said and did.

We project old patterns and habits onto the fresh and new because it’s common nature for us.

Chances are, we would never even consider for a second what they’ve done to you.

By allowing baggage into your new relationship, you’re allowing us to be hurt by something we never actually said or did. One small thing quickly spirals into several bigger things.

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