Dating a professional athlete

It could be days, weeks, or unfortunately even months. I’m not saying that all athletes aren’t ready to commit, but just be prepared for him to NOT be ready.It depends on where he is in his life and his career and if he’s ready to give up the lifestyle of every man’s dreams of having a different woman in his bed each night or if he’s ready to have just one woman from here on out.If he is doing something that’s either inappropriate or uncalled for, tell him. He may get annoyed but if he respects you then he will listen to you and he will stop whatever it is that he is doing. This will make you feel like no one else is in the stands. You will realize that being an athlete isn’t a walk in the park.He will continue to look out for you at times throughout his game if he can. When he makes a great play your heart will pound uncontrollably fast and you will clap and cheer. He will undergo routine massage therapy treatments that are at times quite painful. Sometimes it will be in your suite, other times it will be in a separate hotel room.You thought you’d be the one that would change him into a one-woman man.

Every little thing will remind you of him and the times you guys spent together.

You’ll believe him but you’ll still have a fraction of distrust in the back of your head only because of signs/clues, never because of something you have seen with your own eyes or heard with your own ears. Especially since you feel like he isn’t as interested in you as he was before.

Your insecurities of this relationship will take control. A year of talking and hanging out with him is not how little you thought this would last.

but I promise it’s a good read 😉 and these are just some of my experiences, not everyone who has/will date an athlete will go through this. There are 2 main ways of connecting with a professional athlete 1.) You actively pursue him at a club, restaurant, store, or at one of his games and hope that you are showing out enough for him to be interested in your flirtation.

2.) You will be introduced to each other via a mutual friend and he will actively pursue you. Like I said in my first post, I will be changing everyone’s names for privacy reasons. I randomly met Dom at a fundraiser of his back in June of 2013 in NYC.

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