Dating a woman with borderline personality disorder

Within an immersive, non-judgmental therapeutic community, you can find relief from the suffering BPD brought to your life and allow your authentic self to bloom.Bridges to Recovery offers the highest standard of care for people living with mental health disorders.As a result, her parenting is driven by the desire to meet her own overwhelming need for validation, security, and love, rather than bestowing them upon you.You quickly learn that your role is to satisfy your mother’s demands, however unrealistic, unstable, and conflicting, and she often seeks to exert control and limit your autonomy as a frantic effort to avoid abandonment.

Through a tailored mix of intensive individual psychotherapy, therapy groups, and holistic therapies, you can begin the process of self-discovery critical to recovery and the enhancement of emotional regulation, interpersonal tranquility, and psychological harmony.Compassion, empathy, and validation are often withheld as your mother is unable to recognize your emotional needs or formulate appropriate responses.This, combined with the unpredictability, impulsivity, and extremity of those with BPD, is extraordinarily detrimental to the establishment of a secure emotional base from which to grow and flourish.I became a very insecure, needy, shameful, and protective person. Researchers have found that even young children with mothers suffering from BPD display “a shameful and incongruent sense of self,” heightened fear of abandonment, and difficulties creating stable relationships.As you age and are exposed to increasingly complex emotional, interpersonal, and functional demands, the disturbances caused by your mother’s BPD become even more fully articulated, often leading to a profound psychological crisis.

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