Dating after divorce for a christian

Although we had both had sex with other people, we just decided at that point, we were going to keep it good, so I didn’t know there was anything. You’re not doing this.”I would be sobbing and he would close his eyes and put his arm over his eyes and fall asleep while I was talking.

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” “No no no no, no.” So I went by myself for six years. I did the extreme dieting, I got breast implants, I did botox, I hired personal trainers, I did everything. He had gone on medication and gotten depressed, we’d gone to the doctor, we’d had his testosterone levels tested, he got testosterone shots, he’s had the patch, nothing. Finally he left for a week, and then he wrote me a letter, which I still have,“I’m sorry I haven’t been the father I’m supposed to be, and the husband.

I’ve really checked out and it’s my stuff, not yours.

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