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Even if you go to a bar all the time and you seem to know what's good and what's not, don't make assumptions.Just because some people think a certain drink is really good, it doesn't mean your date will."On the other hand, there is the painful fear of being rejected right to your face.

"Depending on how thorough they are, follow-up on what their best food memory is." According to Seger, people love to talk about themselves.

"Spicy food and drinks are on almost every cocktail menu.

Don’t touch any chili peppers that are used as a garnish!

If you're talking to someone after 10 minutes and you're just not feeling it, don't stay. If they're persistent and won’t leave you alone, call in reinforcements.

"Don’t be afraid to end a conversation that is going nowhere," Oswald says. Tell the bartender — we take great enjoyment in telling creeps to buzz off." "I think everyone makes mistakes on the first date but occasionally I see some that are extra special," Gregory Westcott, Bar Manager at LA's hotspot, Hinoki & the Bird, tells Bustle.

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This creates a disconnect." Her advice is to try to find the corner of the bar or a high top table where you can face each other.

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