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He was a criminal justice major and did two internships with public defender investigation.

He called it “something that I dreamed of and that’s something that interests me and that’s something that I like to do.

At the end of the season, the team decided to go a different direction at head coach.

Dallas is scheduled to play the Blues on Tuesday night.

Here at the Pro Bowl, five Titans talked about the coaching change. “He called me, and I talked to him yesterday,” defensive lineman said of Vrabel.

So the guy knows how to play ball on both sides of the ball. So I am excited to get started.” Vrabel, who played 14 NFL seasons, was hired by the Titans over the weekend after previously serving as defensive coordinator with the Texans.

Here’s what the experts, players, and average Joes are saying about the pick: How dirty are the #Eagles?

Dallas Goedert's father named him Dallas because he loved America's Team. David Akers taunts Cowboys' fans in their own stadium Then Philly takes the TE who Dallas wanted and needs given the Witten news. We gotta represent the FCS, MVFC, and the Dakotas well my man. — Carson Wentz (@cj_wentz) April 28, 2018 Asked two years ago before the draft who Carson Wentz reminded him of, Howie Roseman said Brent Celek. Sounds like he has a similar midwestern discipline.

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— Jordan Schultz (@Schultz_Report) April 28, 2018 A fellow Missouri Valley Alum hailing from the lesser Dakota 😏…. “It’s his work ethic and football IQ that have made the difference.” – SDS TEs coach.

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