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We then found and interviewed new witnesses until we found a smoking gun which not only cleared our client of all wrongdoing, but proved that the mother and stepdaughter conspired to accuse our client of rape in an effort to obtain all the assets in the pending divorce case.The guilty verdict was overturned, the accusations were proven false and our client was set free.My partner and I have utilized the services of Martin Investigative Services for in excess of 15 years.The services provided have ranged from simple background checks to covert surveillance and investigations into corporate malfeasance/conversion/theft of assets.The client came to us and emphatically refused the charge.In a case like this, we are as skeptical as anyone else but he just kept insisting, “I didn’t do it.”Our private investigators reviewed trial transcripts in detail after which we interviewed and interrogated trial witnesses.Over the last 40 years, we have developed solid relationships with local law enforcement, attorneys, and professionals in a number of fields.

It is done promptly and efficiently, with an eye toward the financial resources and capabilities of the client.

They have been our exclusive resource for all our corporate investigative work and have never let us down once in all those years. Their service to us has always reflected the highest integrity and quality and we continue to rely on Tom with the utmost confidence.

Their work has always been of the highest professional level. Successful people know that to be the best, you model the best. In a five minute conversation with experienced people you can save thousands by bypassing sales types.

She was dating a man who claimed he was a “Navy Seal” who had “served in Iraq and Afghanistan.”The problem was she felt something wasn’t right.

The private investigators at Martin Investigative Services performed a background check and extensive surveillance.

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Martin Investigative services is one of the only private investigation agencies with offices headquartered in the US that provides private investigation in Mexico.

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