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Sidney Marchand's Ascension Parish, first published in 1931, insists: "At irregular intervals following the year 1757, a stream of the exiles continued to pour into Louisiana, until more than 4000 had taken up their abode in what is now the southern portion of the state. which settlement soon became known as the Acadian Coast (Ascension and St.

It is due to the descendants of the British colonies," Judge Martin waxes on, "to say that their sires received with humanity, kindness and hospitality those who so severely smarted under the calamities of war.

A decade later, Bona Arsenault's, History, published in 1966 in both French and English versions, continued the myth, in spades.

The Canadian genealogist-turned-historian states, under the heading "Arrival of the First Acadians in Louisiana": "It is our belief that a number of Acadians deported in 1755 to Maryland, the Carolinas and Georgia most certainly succeeded in reaching Louisiana, in 1756.

Beginning in the late 1840s, not long after Judge Martin's passing, Creole historian Charles tienne Arthur Gayarr published a history of his native state.

In a later edition of his work, for which he consulted colonial records only recently made available, Gayarr says nothing of Acadians reaching Louisiana during the 1750s.

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Like these, the Acadians were greeted with tenderness and hospitality; every house in the city afforded a shelter to some of these unfortunate people.

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